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Workout Programs - Cardiovascular Benefits

There are many workout programs that you can get involved in that will benefit cardiovascular fitness. You want to safely elevate your heart rate at the same time you are stretching and/or straining muscle groups. Running is the most common cadio exercise that we do. I consider Yoga and cycling as the top Cardio exercise that I do.

Spinning. Spinning is cycling. There are spinning classes and bicycle clubs all over. North Americans have not really discovered cycling as a form of transportation´┐Ż yet. The benefits are seemingly endless. You are exercising the biggest muscles in your body. You are getting cardiovascular conditioning. You are even getting scenery if you are out on the road. take my bike and place it on a trainer in front of the stereo or TV in the winter time. My spinning process is unique.

Yoga. I started taking Hot Yoga after I broke a rib. I was wining about the pain I was in and my daughter took me to a class. I was hooked. The Bikram Hot Yoga class that I attended is a series of 26 postures each posed twice. Duration is 90 minutes in a room that is about 100 degrees F. The instructor claimed that we rotated every single joint and stretched every single muscle in the body. I believe it.

Team Sports.Team sports are an excellent way to stay fit and to sustain your mental health through socialization. Team sports practiced in this neck of the woods are hockey, baseball, soccer and ultimate frisbee. I will focus on hockey, as my two sons currently play the game. Here is an intro to my hockey page.

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Creative Workouts

The best workouts are ones that you enjoy. Let's face it - cycling is not much fun if your perineum is on fire. I spend a lot of time understanding and practicing being comfortable on the bike.

Do you have an idea for a creative workout? Contact me.

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