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Calorie Calculator and other Simple Measures

You are comfortable with some exercise routines and have seen a calorie calculator. You do some activity each day.You know that you should eat several small meals a day. How do you know when you are doing the right amount of both? The simple answer is "you don't know".It is not enough to just exercise and just eat and then what? Just hope?

You need to chart your progress .

Chart and log three things:

  • Calories consumed (eaten)
  • Calories used up exercising
  • Your fitness measures.

The number of calories that you eat minus the calories that you spend (exercise and rest) determines your gain or loss. Continual gain means that you will gain weight. Continual loss means that you will lose weight. The content and timing of your meals will determine whether you build fat or muscle.

Let's talk about fitness measures first. Along with calorie calculators there are several that we can use.

How accurate do we need to be?

Only as accurate as you can read your weigh scale.

Is your note book handy? Lets answer some basic questions.

  • What is your body type? Are you Endomorph, Ectomorph or Mesomorph? We all want to look like a Mesomorph (V shaped or hour glass figure).It helps to know what you are. All body shapes can look great!
  • What is your body weight?
  • What is your BMI (body mass index)?
  • What is your body fat percentage?
  • What is your Target Heart Rate?
  • Add more measurements if you wish (waste, chest etc.). It won't hurt to make more work measuring, but we want to make this simple, right?

Good! You don't need a ton of numbers to get the basic idea of what you are (male model or female model). What you have measured can be checked in days or weeks from now.I have found that checking once a week works best. Mark it down on your log sheet.

Now you can tweak your process. How do you feel after one month? What are your measures? Make adjustments if you want to. Increase calories if you are trying to gain. Decrease calories or increase exercise if you are trying to lose weight. It is this simple. The calorie calculator can also show content of foods that you like.

What is the best way to increase or decrease calorie intake?

What is the best way to increase or decrease activity?

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